OTC Bitcoin Trading Gold Coast

McLeod Pacific Investments offer over the counter Bitcoin trading on the Gold Coast with excellent rates and customer service.

OTC Bitcoin trading (AUD$50,000 and over) is tailored for Managed Funds, Self Managed Super Funds and High Net Worth Individuals. OTC trading is now available on the Gold Coast through McLeod Pacific Investments and partners. With competitive rates and no brokers, you can minimise the cost of your investment in a seamless process . We offer a safe, reliable and trustworthy service with a team of friendly experts available to respond to your queries at all times. 

Why use OTC trading?

Trades in excess of AUD $50,000, can cause large  fluctuations on digital currency exchanges. However, using our over the counter Bitcoin trading desk, we are able to secure you an OTC price immediately without dealing with price fluctuations.


McLeod Pacific Investments do not use brokers for over the counter Bitcoin trading on the Gold Coast. Instead, we partner with Australia’s most reputable exchange to get you the best rates. . 

and Secure

Our OTC rates are exchange level competitive. We oversee the acquisition process and make sure your digital investments are held in a secure cold storage device that only YOU have access to.

How we process OTC trades

Once you send a request for an OTC trading Gold Coast to McLeod Pacific, we then work with you through the following steps:

1. We get you onboarded. What does this mean? Onboarding is the process of verifying you, your fund or companies identity and office holders. Therefore, please have ready all ASIC fund or company information and a 100 point ID check for the office holders involved. You will also be asked to complete a Source of Funds document. 

2. You are then set you up with a dedicated Cold Storage Device for which to store your digital assets. Training in the use of the device and security protocols are done prior to the purchase of any digital assets. 

3. We negotiate a rate and execute the trade in your presence. A McLeod Pacific Investments Team member will be with you throughout the entire process, from transfer of funds to storing your Digital Assets. 

McLeod Pacific Investments use Australian government registered Digital Verification Services for identifying traders as well as our own in house KYC checks. If you need any clarifications of further information on this process or anything related to over the counter trading in the Gold Coast area, our friendly customer service team is always available. Simply send us an email or contact us via our inquiry form to get a response within an hour. Click Here to get started. 

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