Buy Bitcoin on the Gold Coast

Fast and Easy with McLeod Pacific Investments

Buy Bitcoin  on the Gold Coast with the surety of using an Australian registered Digital Currency Exchange provider

What We Need

Our onboarding process to buy Bitcoin takes minutes. All we require is some ID, a quick discussion about the trade and you can start buying Bitcoin immediately. 

Our Mission

McLeod Pacific Investments mission is to offer the most competitive rates on the Gold Coast to buy Bitcoin. Moreover, we have a renowned customer service in the industry. Contact Us today to check our rates !.

How do I start

To start simply click here and you will go straight to out trading site where you can buy bitcoin. Once there we will walk you through how to start trading.

Getting started

Once you request to buy Bitcoin on the Gold Coast with McLeod Pacific Investments, we will ask you to confirm your identity. 

This process called (KYC) and involves sending us the following:

  • A close up picture of your Australian ID. If you don’t have Australian ID, that’s OK. We can work with your passport and either your visa or a copy of your airline ticket.
  • A selfie pic holding your ID with a hand written note saying you agree to our terms. We walk you through all the terms  prior to you opening a trade so you know what to expect.
  • Your Australian Phone Number or other contact details that we can call you on to discuss the trade with you. Our staff are super friendly and will assist  with any questions you might have.

Once McLeod Pacific has verified your ID, we then progress to trading. We use either, or All of these platforms use an escrow service. An escrow holds your coins until we confirm receipt of funds. Once payment has been completed we release the coins into your wallet immediately.

Buying bitcoin is that easy! – to get started, click here !

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